December 18th -the International Day of Migrants- is an opportunity for the migrant’s and refugees’ solidarity movement that emerged during the last summer all over Greece, to come on the streets in a unified and decentralized way
It is a chance for the different experiences of struggle to meet, a chance for a active and militant intervention now, that the borders are closing, that the migration and border policies of the EU and the Greek Government are becoming even more harsh and repressive. 
#18D is the campaign that aims to involve a wide range of protests in many cities and social spaces within Greece and beyond. Local initiatives and solidarity groups to refugees and migrants, political and social organizations, trade unions, student groups and immigrant / refugee associations are invited to join the campaign.
#18D come on the streets, organize any kind of mobilization, demonstration or protest in your city!

Visit 18d2015.wordpress.com , the pages of #18D on facebook and twitter.

Download, print, Communicate the common material and edit your own!

The common call for the 18th December, signed by a wide range of political, social and migrant organizations and groups, states the need for common struggle of natives and migrants:

Against repression and securitization of migration policies of the EU and the Greek Government. Against the war, ISIS-terror and imperialism.
To end the crime at Aegean Sea – Open the Borders! – Create safe and legal land passages – Brake down Evros Fence and every fence in Europe.
No to militarization of borders. No to illegalization of migration. Against Frontex and greek borderguard’ control and push-back practices.
Against the “Hot Spots” – “screening” is a racist exclusion and deportation mechanism. Against externalization of EU border controls to Turkey.
For legalization, full social and political rights for migrants. Against exclusion and exploitation of migrant workers.
For the provision of shelter, health services, social support to all refugees and migrants.